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Paul is 'Highly Commended', in the NCPF Beamish Competition

The NCPF has held its annual Beamish Competition now for seven years, with members of all
50 Northern Counties clubs being invited to take images at the Beamish Museum, either
over the June weekend when the Federation has an exhibition there, or at any other time during
the current year, in this case from between August 2016 and August 2017.

The competition is now limited to PDI entries and our congratulations go to our Vice Chairman,
Paul Newey, on receiving a Highly Commended Certificate in the competition, which was
judged just recently. Paul’s image is entitled “Travelling in Style” and was taken at the
Great North Steam Fair at Beamish on April 8th this year.


Northallerton Camera Club launches its 2018 Calendar

Following on from the success of our 2017 Calendar, the club has decided to produce a second edition for 2018. With superb presentation it provides members with a great idea for Christmas presents as well as showcasing photographs taken by our members, which were successful in our 2017 Annual Exhibitions. With no more than one photograph from any one member it offers a unique visual presentation of members' work.

The Calendar is printed to A4 size so that it will easily fit into standard envelops for posting, if you wish. Competitively priced at £7.50p per copy it is an opportunity not to be missed and if you buy five or more that price is discounted to £6.50p. Stocks are limited so don't hang about. To reserve you copies please contact Stuart Goldie on 01845 587258 or use the "Contact Page" on this web site. Just tell us what you want and leave us with contact details and we will get back to you to organise your order. All profits from the sale of the Calendar will go to club funds.

(October 2017)

Acceptances and Awards from Northern Counties Salon

Northern Counties held the selection of its 38th consecutive International Salon of Photography this last week and a number of our members entered, some with considerable success. The Salon comprised 4 sections, Open Colour, Open Monochrome, Nature and Photo-Travel with entrants being able to make up to 4 entries in each section. Our members' results were spread across all four sections.

As in previous years there were three selectors in each section for this prestigious event, comprising of one overseas selector, Des Clinton FRPS MFIAP FIPF, from the Irish Republic, and Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/p, from the UK officiating in all 4 sections of the salon.

The third selector in each of the four sections came, as is the salon's usual custom, from the NCPF. Gerald Chamberlin EFIAP DPAGB from Morton PS, officiated in the Open Colour Section and also Open Monochrome Section. John Williams EFIAP/b MPSA DPAGB from Penrith CC was our selector in the Nature Section. In the Photo-Travel Section our own Dave Coates ARPS EFIAP/p ESFIAP APSA EPSA MPAGB APAGB was this year's NCPF selector..

The Selectors are asked to mark each image with a score between 2 and 5, giving total scores between 6 and 15. Two indicates that the image was not felt to be up to standard, three is looked on as doubtful, four is the mark to be given when the selector thinks it should be accepted and five is given when it is thought the image should be considered for an award. In each section just over 25% of entries were accepted with an a total acceptance mark of 12 in each section. The selectors then go on to look at the highest scoring images and decide by discussion among themselves on the images to be given awards.

Patricia Kearton LRPS DPAGB gained seven acceptances, three in the Open Colour Section, and all four in the Nature Section; well done Patricia.

Chris Morton DPAGB gained six acceptances spread over all four sections, with one in the Open Colour Section, two in the Open Monochrome Section, one in the Nature Section and two in the Photo-Travel Section.

Pauline Pentony ARPS AFIAP DPAGB gained 5 acceptances, 3 in the Open Colour Section and 2 in the Open Monochrome Section. She was also awarded a 'PSA Ribbon' in the Open Colour Section for her image entitled "Zest" (pictured above).

John Webster ARPS MPAGB gained 7 acceptances, also across all 4 sections, with 3 in the Open Colour Section, 2 in Open Monochrome, 1 in Nature and 1 in Photo-Travel. In addition his acceptance in the Nature Section, entitled "Bee Eater and Skipper" (also pictured here) was awarded an 'RPS Ribbon'.

This means that between the four of them they gained a total of 25 Acceptances including 2 awards, an excellent result, which reflects so well on our club.

(September 2017)

Congratulations to Two of our Members

At our opening meeting of the season it was announced that two of our 'Club Class' members, Trevor Thurlow LRPS and Mandi Connolly, have been promoted in recognition of the success of their photography. It is a fact that we have some potentially very good photographers in the 'Club' class; the results in our competitions over the last year show this to be true and it is therefore very pleasing to see our Committee recognising this.

Our club has three classes to enable members, who wish to compete in our competitions, to be able to do so with members of like ability. They are 'Club', 'Intermediate' and 'Advanced' Classes.

In the case of Trevor, during the previous season he was awarded the Licentiate Distinction by the Royal Photographic Society. This prestigious distinction recognises a standard of photography known loosely as 'good class club photography' and as such Trevor has been promoted to the 'Advanced Class' in the club as from the start of this season. He also came 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the 'Club Class' prints section of the 2017 Annual Exhibition.

This photograph, entitled, "Hold on Tight" is just one of several that he has entered into our club competitions recently, gaining a Highly Commended Award in the 2017 Annual Exhibition.

Mandi being promoted to the 'Intermediate Class' was our second promotion this time round and a very well deserved promotion it was. Her record of success in club competitions over the last year or so has been excellent.

She won outright the 'Club Class' trophy in both Prints and PDIs in last season's Members' Night Competitions, something which requires consistency over a number of individual competitions throughout the season.

This photograph, entitled "War and Peace" was the outright winner in the Open PDI Section of the Members' Night Competition for "Still Life". It also came 2nd in the PDI Record Section of the 2017 Annual Exhibition.

Our congratulations go to both Mandi and Trevor for their promotions, together with an anticipation of future successes for them; well done.

(September 2017)

Our 2017/18 Season Opens

After our summer break the club opened the new season on Monday 4th September with our Chairman,
Richard Cochrane ARPS DPAGB presenting his show entitled "Where, When and How".
What an intriguing title; it was both entertaining as well as giving us how he goes about his work.

"Dog Walker" by Richard Cochrane

It is a long tradition with our club that we open the season with a show by one of our own members, and so this year is no exception with Richard,
our Chairman and one of our longest serving members, having stepped up to the mark. Thank you Richard for an excellent opening evening.

We would also extend a warm welcome to both our regular members, but especially to anybody else who is interested in photography and might
wish to join us. We are sure that you will find us a friendly bunch, more than willing to offer you our usual hospitality and, if wanted, our help.

Members are reminded that annual subscriptions are now due and I am sure Trish, our Treasurer, will welcome your prompt payment.
Our current rates are displayed on the "Home Page" of this web site;. What a bargain they are, with the individual annual subscription
working out at barely £1 per night; and that includes tea and biscuits.

Finally, we do ask all our members and visitors to respect the safety, and convenience of our neighbours by parking responsibly. Please remember
that access space must always be left for the widest of emergency vehicles and that it is illegal to park on the grass of the village green.

(September 2017)

Northallerton Camera Club's Annual Library Exhibition

Our club has for many decades held and "Annual Exhibition of Prints" at the library,
which is located at the junction of East Road and Thirsk Road, Northallerton, DL6 1PT.
The Exhibition, pictured below, was open until Friday 1st September 2017.

The Exhibition show cased almost all of the prints from club's 2017 Annual Exhibition Competition, held earlier this year, plus a few more from our members. It was well worth visiting, not only for our members, but for anyone who has an interest in photography. If, as we hope, the display might have inspired any prospective new members, then please do not hesitate to accept our invitation to come and join us at one of our regular meetings.
Our new season started on Monday, 4th September 2017, for future meetings please check out our "Programme".

(August 2017)