Competition Entry

For details of the rules and guidance for our Annual Exhibitions and other Competitions throughout the year please use this link to our “Information & Knowledge Base Page”

Internal Competitions

See below for details of entry to this season’s competitions. You will need to be logged on to see the entry forms themselves.

If you have logged in and still don’t see the entry fields you may have to Refresh your browser – in Windows this is ctrl+R, or right-click on the window and choose ‘Refresh’, and on the Mac it is right-click then choose ‘Reload Page.

For all internal competitions this season (2022/202)  there will be both Print and Digital sections. You may enter a maximum of 3 images per section per competition. Please also submit a digital copy of any print entries, these may be used here on the website.

The usual size restrictions for the internal PDI competitions apply – i.e. up to 1400 px wide MAXIMUM and 2Mb file size.

Entry Form for the first 2022/2023 Competition will appear below

[ewz_show_webform identifier="firstcomp"]
error: Content is protected, if you wish to purchase an image please use the contact form.