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Look here to find out who does what in the club

(updated June 2021)




The club runs an Annual Exhibition, spread over two

week's meetings, at the end of each season.

These are the rules for them

(updated April 2018)

Annual Exhibition Rules



This presentation on image sharpening

covers not only the more familiar methods

but a number of other techniques

that you may wish to try.

(Updated August 2017)

Image Sharpening

A good starting point are the Club's General Rules

(updated November 2020)

General Club Rules




The club runs other competitions

throughout the season and these are

the rules for them

(updated April 2018)

Other Club Competitions



Announcements at the start of each evening

are likely to be your introduction to terms like

"The Federation", the "NCPF" or "RPS";

but what do they mean?

(Updated August 2017)

What is That Organisation?

This link takes you to the Club’s Data Protection Policy

(updated May 2018)





This file gives details of this season's Club

and Inter-Club Competitions, when

and what to take and hand in.

(updated 07/09/2021)

What is the Alphabet Soup after their name?



Lists of letters after a photographer's name

are a mystery to many. This seeks to answer

that question and help those interested in

collecting some of them.

(Updated August 2017)

What is the Alphabet Soup after their name?