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These are the award winning photographs of our members from our
"2020 Annual Print and PDI Exhibitions" 

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Use this link to view our reports on the Prints and PDI Exhibitions



The Bob Robinson Cup (Best Club Class Print) - "The Dribbling Squirrel" by Cathy Earle The Oak Plaque (Best Intermediate Class Print) - "A Flock of Seagulls" by Paul Cayton The Tom Cross Silver Salver (Best Pictorial Print) - "Nicola" by Pauline Pentony The Deakin Trophy (Best Record Print) - "The Laundry, Charlecote" by David Lock The Mowbray Salver (Best Portrait Print) - "Victorian Man with Pipe" by Eddie Bishop The Smith-Dodsworth Trophy (Best Monochrome Print) - "Night Time Hunter" by David Beadle The Salisbury Salver (Best Action Print) - "Powder Dancers" by Pauline Pentony The Martin Cup (Best Nature Print) - "An Eye for an Eye" by David Beadle The Neesam Cup (Best Club Class PDI) - "I Think I'm Attractive" by Cathy Earle The Hall Cup (Best Intermediate Class PDI) - "Snow, near Reeth" by Richard Collier The Milnes Cup (Best Pictorial PDI) - "Windermere Morn" by Chris Morton The Romanby Salver (Best Record PDI) - "Porto's Oldest Cathedral by John Webster The Brompton Salver (Best Portrait PDI) - "Beaux Yeux" by Pauline Pentony The Geoff Burdis Trophy (Best Monochrome PDI) - "Osprey with Trout" by Chris Morton The Maltby Rose Bowl (Best Action PDI) - "In the Loop" by Chris Morton The Yeoman Cup (Best Nature PDI) - "Cheetah Chase" by Patricia Kearton