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On this page you will find relevant and useful information with links to various videos, tips and techniques about photography and how to get the most out of your equipment.

Cleaning your Benro Tripod

Benro have recently posted this video and it reenforces the need to keep your equipment clean, not jut you tripod of course, but your whole kitbag. Other tripod manufacturers will offer the same information.

Master Landscape Photography with Joe Cornish

In this video Joe shares his unique approach to composition and explains how adjusting how you see and experience nature can help you achieve more impactful and meaningful images. 

Olympus OM1 Review

Recently Olympus released the new OM1 micro four thirds camera which several of our members now have. In this video by Wex you can find out why.

Canon R7 v Canon R10 – Which is right for you

Canon released two new Mirrorless cameras. What are the main differences? How are they similar? A full comparison is on the Canon Website

Pep Ventosa Technique

Glenys Garnett, one of our guest speakers, in the 2021/22 Season explains how to create an abstract image using the Pep Ventosa Technique.

Landscape Photography with Joe Cornish

A 20 minute video with Landscape Photographer Joe Cornish in conversation. Filmed at locally at Brimham Rocks we can see the philosophy and techniques of an expert at work.

Focus Stacking for Macro Photography a beginners guide

One of the many techniques that photographers often struggle with is Macro photography. Often great results are achieved through the use of Focus Stacking. Here’s a link to an article on this kind of technique from Peta Pixel

A Year With My Camera

A Year With My Camera is a year-long beginner’s photography course that is free by email. You will progress from being a complete beginner to being comfortable off auto mode in less than 6 weeks. Then spend the rest of the year exploring composition, light, creativity and finding your style.

Lightroom: Auto © On import

In Lightroom there is the option to add your copyright details your images. Here’s a quick and convenient way to do this to all your images when importing them to Lightroom Classic. You can also add any other information you wish to add in bulk too. See this article by Mark Banks Photography.

Street Photography

Professional Photographer Matty Graham takes you through his photographic process inclusive of planning and location scouting, gear and technical requirements, and his workflow in this short Wex Video.

Vignettes in Lightroom

Vignettes are a great way to create a feeling of depth as well as helping to frame an image. In this video, Mark Banks explains how to use the vignette tool in Lightroom Classic as well as an alternative method.

Lightroom Class Tone Curve Feature

The new tone curve in Lightroom Classic 9.3 is now far more accurate. Learn how to get the best out of it with Mark Banks Photography.

Capturing Wildlife: Photography Close to Home

In this video from Wex Photo Video Ellie Rothnie shows us how to capture wildlife close to home.

The above videos and links are provided for your information and enjoyment. Northallerton Camera Club has no affiliation with any of the companies or photographers involved.

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