Club News - January 2023

Annual AV Competition

This years AV Competition was held on Monday 16th January. There were five submissions and the winner was Hilary Crick with her presentation entitled ‘Flies”. Congratulations to Hilary and well done to the other 4 members who entered presentations.

Full reports of all our 2022/23 Competitions can be found on the Club Competitions page.

"Flies" - an image from Hilary Crick's winning AV presentation
"Flies" - an image from Hilary Crick's winning AV presentation

Image sizes

Following the purchase of a new projector and laptop the club is encouraging members to submit images for Competitions in a size of 1600 x 1200px.

Digital Images for entry into Northallerton Camera Club projected image competitions are now required to be a maximum of 1600 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high. This also suits the requirements for external competitions with organisations such as NCPF and PAGB.

The dimensions are straightforward for a landscape image, but note that for a portrait image the height can only be 1200 pixels high, not 1600. An acceptable landscape image could be 1600 pixels wide x 900, 1100 up to 1200 pixels high and an acceptable portrait image could be 1200 pixels high x 800 or 900 pixels wide.

A square image should ideally be 1200 x 1200 pixels. It makes sense to maximise the pixel dimensions of your image as far as you can, so in practice ensure that a landscape image has a width of 1600 pixels and a portrait image has a height of 1200 pixels.

Of course, we will still be accepting images sized differently, as long as they are below 1600 x 1200px. These won’t display at their best though, which is why we encourage submissions in the new size. A good source of information regarding the club is available on our Information & Knowledge Base Page.

Of course any image that is submitted as a print is not affected by the above. The same conditions apply for prints, as in mounts must be no bigger than 400 x 500mm and no smaller than 250mm x 200mm.

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