Club News - July 2022

Northallerton CC represent NCPF at the 2022 PAGB Club PDI Championships

Five members of our club travelled to Coventry last weekend to support your club’s entry into the above competition being held at Warwick University Arts Centre. We qualified to go there by winning the NCPF’s Annual PDI Club Championship back in February.

The competition starts off with 2 identical rounds with clubs entering 8 images in each. The rules are that no member can have more than 2 images in each round and that there should be no more than 2 nature images in each round. No image used at the championship is eligible if it or a substantial part of it has been used there before.

There is a panel of three judges who can score each image between 1 and 5 points, making 15 points the maximum score for any one image.

Final Bend by Miles Langthorne
Final Bend by Miles Langthorne
Stellars Eagle by Miles Langthorne
Stellars Eagle by Miles Langthorne

In the First Round we did well enough with a total of 96 points. Miles Langthorne led the way with scores of 14 and 13 for his images entitled “Final Bend” (above) and “Stellars Eagle” (left) respectively. There were also scores of twelve for Sheila Coates, Patricia Kearton and Pauline Pentony.

In the Second Round we only managed 91 points, this time Hilary Crick with “Small Skippers Paired”  and Peter Mudd, with “Derek” (below left) were given scores of 13, with Miles Langthorne and John Webster gaining scores of 12 as well. The scores from both rounds were then added together, making our total of 187, which left us in a very creditable 22 place out of the 35 clubs that had entered.

The top 8 clubs are then put through in to the Final Championship Round and the remaining clubs are entered into the Plate Competition where we had to enter another 8 images, 4 of which had to be unused on the day and with similar member and nature restrictions to the earlier rounds.

This time our entry resulted in a total score of 92 marks. Miles Langthorne’s “Final Bend” again scored 14  and Hilary Crick’s “Small Skippers Paired” (right) scored 13. There were also scores of 12 for Peter Mudd and Dave Coates.

With that score we did not manage to do more than sit comfortably in the lower half of the scores. It was apparent that some clubs, believing they could not get into the Final Round, had deployed the tactic of reserving some of their best images for the Plate Competition. The Plate Competition Trophy was won jointly by Oldham PS and Poulton-le-Fylde PS (both from the L&CPU) each scoring 106 points.

In the Final Round, where each club had to enter 12 images, there was also a tie for first place and the Championship Trophy was awarded jointly to Rolls Royce Derby PS (NEMPF) and Wigan 10 PG (L&CPU) for scores of 271 points.

Small Skippers Paired by Hilary Crick
Small Skippers Paired by Hilary Crick
Derek by Peter Mudd
Derek by Peter Mudd

Once again, the club is indebted to all those members who submitted images for selection into the bank of 40 that we took with us to the event. Without them nothing would have been possible and it is a tribute to our small club and its members that this was the 16th time in the last 24 years that we have represented NCPF at Warwick. Thank you to all

Dave Coates – 20/07/2022

Club Members winning prints on display at Joe Cornish Gallery

Northallerton Camera Club are delighted to announce that the eight winning prints from our Annual Exhibition Competition 2022 will be on display at the prestigious Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton.

The exhibition will run from August 2nd until August 27th and will be positioned in the landing on the top floor just before the Long Gallery. Joe Rose, Curator at the gallery, says “We are delighted to be able to support our local camera club through displaying these prints”. Some of the prints are for sale and we hope that members will encourage their family and friends to pay the gallery a visit during August 2022. 

As well as viewing our images, there are of course plenty of images from Joe Cornish, Paul Berriff OBE (our Hon Club President), Kate Sommervell, David Ward and many others to view and purchase, as well as a great cafe in which you can choose from a fine selection of food and drinks whilst you’re there.

Round the World Yacht Race Update

Club Member, Trevor Thurlow, has sent his latest update from his Round the World Yacht Race Adventure. The Race is eventually nearing its end and now can claim to be the longest single sporting event in history. Te race actually began on 1st September 2019 and will finish in London on 30th July 2022, of course we all know why the race was paused!

I hope that you and all at NCC are well and enjoying the summer.
In the early hours of the 4th of July l officially became a circumnavigator having successfully crossed each and every line of longitude on the planet.
I am currently in Derry Londonderry enjoying my last stopover before race finish having sailed across the Atlantic for the 3rd time. Bermuda – New York – Londonderry.
We leave for London on the 24th and l hope to successfully complete this extraordinary journey on Saturday 30th July. Returning home just in time for Yorkshire Day on Monday 1st August.
Kind regards,

The current race standings can be found by visiting the Clipper Website. Trevor is racing on the Chinese sponsored boat Zhuhai.

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