About Us

In the About Us section you can learn a little about the history and successes of the club. The club has, with breaks during WWII, met continuously since its inauguration in 1933. Our members enjoy a dynamic programme with an interesting and varied series of events each season. Every evening is a pleasant social occasion, at which members can share tips and experiences on all aspects of photography. We meet in the Methodist Church Hall at Brompton near Northallerton. Members are asked to park their cars with consideration for local residents, as we are located in the middle of the village. Please DO NOT park on the grass, this is an offence. 

Three evening’s each season members provide entertainment to help raise funds for the church. The club has made a practice of assembling slide shows from contributions by its members, which we then take out and show to local groups and organisations. Our most recent offering was entitled “A to Z Around North Yorkshire” and became available in 2008, during our “75th Anniversary” year.

We also enjoy friendly relationships with neighbouring clubs; enjoying joint meetings, as well as competing with some of them, either individually or collectively at regional events.

Our Club Logo

About Us - Northallerton Camera Club Logo

Our club logo does attract curiosity. Comprising of a graphic of a lens, the central image is from a medieval drawing of the “Standards”. This arises from Northallerton’s history; 1138AD to be precise. The Battle of the Standards was fought near the town. Archbishop Thurston, leading the English, rallied his troops around the “Standards” leading them to victory over the Scots. For a 17th century reproduction of the drawing Click Here

Founder Member

The club was a founder member of the NYSD (North Yorkshire & South Durham Photographic Association) in 1952 and is still active in the organisation. We have competed in their Annual Competitions and have met with considerable success. NCC have won both the Prints and Slides Sections (now replaced by Projected Digital Images) on a number of occasions. We have been declared the Overall Winners on numerous occasions over the years. The most recent occasion being the 2020 events where our club again won both the Prints and Projected Image Sections and hence were Overall Winners again.

Continued Success

In 1993 we joined the NCPF (Northern Counties Photographic Federation) and became affiliated to the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain). In the Federation’s Annual Competitions we have enjoyed considerable success with the club winning the “Galloway Rose Bowl” for the best club entry of Slides on no less than ten occasions. For the first time, in 2008 and several times since, we won the “Bewick Trophy” for the best club entry of Colour Prints. Then in 2009 we came joint first in the Myles Audas Trophy(PDI) competition, held for the first time that year and since then we have won it outright several more times.

In the NCPF’s Club Championships we won the Slide Trophy on 6 occasions up to 2008 after which Projected Digital Images replaced Slides. Since 2009 it has been known as the PDI Trophy and we have continued to to be successful, winning the trophy, more than 8 times, the latest being in 2022. The clubs placed first and second in these competitions represent the NCPF at the PAGB National Club PDI Championships, each year. We will have competed there 19 times out of the last 24 years, reaching the finals on 6 occasions. 

In the Prints, we have won the trophy 4 times, the latest being in 2022, and have been placed second four times, and as a result have also represented NCPF on those occasions at the PAGB National Club Print Championships. This means that as well as competing at Warwick, we will have also and have been to the Print Championships 8 times in the last 24 years, a proud record for any club. 

Please keep an eye on our News pages for further competition information and success.

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