For details of the rules and guidance for our Annual Exhibitions and other Competitions throughout the year please use this link to our “Information & Knowledge Base Page” Please see below for reports on our Competitions 2023/24 season.

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Annual Exhibition

Congratulations to all the winners and members who entered the Annual Exhibition Competition. Please see the Annual Exhibition Page for all the details. The Trophy Winners for our 2023/24 season can be viewed here.

Also available is the Annual Score Chart (PDF) detailing the scores throughout the year and the final placings. Congratulations to John Webster ARPS MPAGB who is Photographer of the Year for Prints and Miles Langthorne DPAGB APAGB who is Photographer of the Year for PDI’s.

Millennium Trophy

This was the final Members’ Night competition and was judged on Monday 26th February by long term members, Dave and Sheila Coates. Together they are two of our more knowledgable judges who have international experience in judging.  hey gave us an excellent lesson in judging with very helpful comments on each set of images. There were entries from 15 members in the PDI section and 5 members in the Print section. This competition is about producing a panel of 3 images which should be related in some way. 

The PDI section was won by Miles Langthorne DPAGB APAGBwith a set of Motocross images, showing all the action and thrills of this photogenic sport. In second place was John Webster ARPS MPAGB with his stunning series of pictures of Lilac Breasted Rollers. In third place with his set of intriguing images of a Blue Tunnel was Paul Cayton LRPS.

The Print section contained some of the very best Millennium sets that I have seen at the club, most of which would have easily won in previous years.  In first place was Colin Hamilton with Big Cats of Africa. Each of his photos was incredible and would grace any wall. I would love to be able to produce anything half as good.  In second place, again, was John Webster ARPS MPAGB with another set of stunning images, this time taken in Venice at Dusk.  Third place went the Miles Langthorne DPAGB APAGB with a lovely set of images of Moorland Birds.

After an audience vote to select a winner, the Millennium trophy goes to Colin Hamilton.

Congratulations to all our certificate winners and thank you to all members who entered to make this a very enjoyable evening to be at.

Hilary Crick

Water Competition

The ‘Water’ Competition was held on 29th January 2024 with David Boath from Richmond Camera Club as judge. 

Dave gave us very detailed and kindly critiques for every image. Overall, it was a very good and interesting evening, with a very good attendance considering the appalling weather.

There were 64 entries in the PDI section, with 9 Club class members, 2 Intermediate members and 11 Advanced members entering images.  The winner was Dave Snowdon with Turning Blue.  In second place with Water Droplet was Miles Langthorne. In third place was Paul Cayton with Sails Reflected. All three were original ideas with a lot of thought put into them and thoroughly deserved their places.

There were 28 entries in the Print section, which came from 1 Club class member and 9 Advanced members. Paul Cayton came first with Incoming. In second and third place was Mark Banks with Fresh Water Pond, Cairngorms and Jetty, Eriskay. These were three excellent prints and was a brilliant start for Mark in his first competition with us.

Hilary Crick

Annual AV Competition 2023/24

This proved to be a very interesting and enjoyable evening. Although there were only 5 entrants, the AVs shown covered a wide variety of topics.  This made for an entertaining evening with something for everyone.  There was one AV which everyone liked and was a clear winner with 169.5 marks from the audience vote. This was ‘A City of Contrasts’ by David Niman. David is an experienced AV worker and this was one of his best.  The other results were very close. In second place was Colin Hamilton with his AV about the land of the Zulus, ‘KZN_9’, scoring 152.5.  Hot on his heels came Miles Langthorne, with 151.5 marks for his AV to the soundtrack of ‘What a Wonderful World’.  In fourth place was newcomer to the club, Dave Sim, who scored 148 with an interesting tale of a boat trip along the canal from Inverness to Fort William and back called ‘Loch Ness trip’.  In fifth place, with some beautiful pictures of our local countryside, was John Stokes with 141.5 marks for his AV entitled ‘Bloomin’ Heather’.

Thank you very much to all our entrants and let’s hope that a few others will be inspired to enter something next year.  If anyone is interested in learning more about AV working, then see Miles Langthorne, David Niman or myself. We all belong to a local AV group which meets in Middlesbrough on the first Friday of the month.

Hilary Crick

Around Our County Competition 2023/2024 Season

The judging for this competition was held on Monday 13th November with NCC member John Stokes as judge. 

In the PDI section, there were 44 entries with a good entry from our Club section. David Snowdon was in third place with his Late Summer on the Moors Evening. In second place were two authors Frances Dixon with Aysgarth Falls and new member David Bradley with Misty Scarborough. The winner was David Bradley with Approaching Goathland.

In the Print section we had 23 entries, this time they were mainly Advanced members. In third place was Dave Coates with Late Afternoon Light, Hawnby Moor.  In second place was Sheila Coates with Winter Walk, Malham. The winner was John Webster with Spring Impression at Thorpe Perrow.

Well done everyone who entered and helped to make this an interesting and varied competition. Congratulations to all our top three placements. All full list of points awarded cane be found HERE.

Hilary Crick

Summer Outings Competition 2023/2024 Season

This competition was judged on 30th October by Miles Langthorne DPAGB APAGB.  The entry was small, which was possibly due to the very wet weather on two of the outings. However, the standard of the images in the competition was high. 

There were 6 entries in the PDI section. In joint third place were David Henderson and Hilary Crick. In second place was Frances Dixon.  Frances only joined the club as an absolute beginner last year, so this was an impressive achievement. In first place was Bob Crick with three very good images: “Middleham Cricket Match”, “Printer At Hartlepool Museum” and “Steps At Hartlepool Marina”. Bob wins the Roebuck Trophy.

There were only three entries in the Print section. In third place was Stuart Goldie. In second place was Hilary Crick. The winner in this section was Bob Crick with another three very good pictures:  “Defensive Block At Middleham”, “Redcar Rose Garden In The Rain” and “Hartlepool Ship’s Store:. He wins the McCombie-Metcalf Trophy.

Congratulations to all our entrants for making the effort to attend the outings and particularly to Bob Crick for his outstanding performance.

Hilary Crick

Open Competition 2023/2024 Season

The first competition of the season is the Members Night Open Competition. This was judged by Dave Phillips on 16 October. 

It was a very high standard in both the PDI images and in the Prints. The judge did an excellent job with clear and informative comments.

There were 65 entries in the PDI section from 22 authors. In first place was newcomer Sandy Whitton with “Durdle Door and the Milky Way”. In second place was Miles Langthorne DPAGB APAGB with “Nest Making in Progress”. In joint third place was Pat Kearton LRPS DPAGB with both “European Bee-eater Pair” and “Grasshopper”. The standard was so high that 9 Highly Commendeds were awarded.

The Print section had 32 entries from 11 authors. In first place was Colin Hamilton with “Symmetry”. In second place was John Webster ARPS MPAGB with “Little Bittern Feeding” and in third place was Dave Coates ARPS EFIAP/p MPAGB HonEFIAP HonPAGB with “Late Light and Winter Haze”. 7 Highly Commended awards were given.

Hilary Crick

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